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Recent trip to San Diego went very well.  Photographed a few projects for cabinet maker Artistic Freedom Designs and a super duper green LEED home for ArtHaus.  Peter over at AFD has been my numero uno client over the years, EVERY project I shoot for him goes straight to my portfolio.  Rich at ArtHaus has a good thing going, promoting the green movement and actually building new LEED homes in San Diego.  Plus he’s a laid back dude that surfs.

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Had a chance to meet a few architects last week in Wilmington, NC.  I was happy they were all very friendly and open to meeting.  Wilmington prides itself on its beautiful environment so I was glad to find a bunch of architects doing some smart, eco-minded work.  One of my favorite projects, from Scott and Lara at B+O Architects is Tonbo Meadow, a fresh and friendly idea to a new community. “Sustainable communities are planned, built, or modified to promote a lifestyle that will leave the smallest possible footprint on our planet.”  Check it out here.

Stoked to be included in and supported by Wonderful Machine, a boutique web portal/marketing/production support company based close to me in PA.  They have a great site and to be included among their list of top notch photographers is an honor!

I’ll be listed by region under Philadelphia and by specialty under Architecture, Home/Garden, and Institutional.

Read more about Wonderful Machine here!

Pretty sure this is cool…Google maps sent a letter and a sticker saying that between July 1 and September 30, Google users found Mike Hearon Photography’s business listing 439 times, and requested driving directions or other information about the business 27 times. They included a sticker with a bar code on it that can be scanned with a cell phone camera and used to find information about the business instantly.